From criminal complaints to traffic violations, our attorneys know how to represent your interests.


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We are dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals and corporations who are either formally charged or under investigation by municipal, county, state or federal authorities.

Our attorneys include former Deputy Attorney Generals with the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice, former County Prosecutors, and a current and former Municipal Prosecutor. Having successfully prosecuted thousands of cases, our attorneys fully understand how to defend your interests and protect your rights.

Among other charges, we are willing to defend you against insurance fraud, official corruption, public contract fraud, environmental crimes, organized crime, racketeering, homicide, robbery, drug related offenses, weapons offenses, arson, sexual assault, aggravated assault, and credit card fraud. We also handle expungements of criminal records.

If you have been criminally charged, or are under investigation by a law enforcement or regulatory agency with the potential of criminal charges, consider retaining our attorneys immediately to ensure that your rights and interests are protected.